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Holiday Gift Guide | The Traveler

Holiday Gift Guide | The Traveler

1. Travel Wine Tumbler - I bought a pair of these as a gift for my Mom & Dad. I got my Mom the coral and my Dad the navy blue and they love them. It’s great to throw in your suitcase so if you buy a bottle of wine for your hotel room or while staying in an Airbnb you have your own glass. They would also be great to bring camping!

2. Blanket & Eye Mask Set - I always have to pack my own blanket and eye mask when flying. I don’t like the material of the blankets they pass out plus I’m a germaphobe. I like knowing that the blanket is clean plus it’s great to have when you are in your hotel room. The eye mask is good to have so you can nap or sleep whenever you need to.

3. Carry On Cocktail Kit - This is a fun gift or stocking stuffer. Some of their kits include gin and tonic, champagne cocktail, and even margarita. The margarita set includes syrup, rimming salt, 1/2 oz jigger, a spoon, recipe card, and a coaster. Alcohol not included as this is made to be paired with what’s on the airline beverage cart.

4. Calpak Packing Cubes - These are a MUST for staying organized while traveling. I have been using packing cubes for years. They make it easy when you pack for a trip, unpack at your destination, and repack to go home. I love these ones from Calpak because they come in a variety of styles and colors.

5. Travel Size Dry Shampoo - I have talked about this product from Living Proof time and time again on my Instagram stories. It’s a game changer to extend your style between washes.

6. Longchamp 'Large Le Pliage' Tote - I have this bag in two different colors and have been using it as my personal item when traveling for years now. It fits SO much stuff and I always get tons of compliments when I wear it. I usually keep my blanket and eye mask inside the bag as well as all my technology.

7. Hydro Flask Bottle - It’s so important to stay hydrated while traveling and this water bottle will help you to do so. You can save money on pricey water bottles at the airport by packing this in your carry on. Bring it to the airport empty and fill it up after you go through security in the lounge or with a public water fountain. A lot of times you can ask the flight attendant for water to fill it up as well.

8. Jon Hart Medium Duffle Bag - I’m a self proclaimed Jon Hart fanatic. This is one of many Jon Hart bags I have for traveling but this one is my personal favorite for carrying on the airplane. It is the perfect dimensions that falls within most airline’s carry on bag standards. I have the shade pictured above monogrammed with “Mrs. Cantwell” :)

9. Bon Voyage Travel Set - It’s important to keep your passport protected while traveling. I always keep mine in a case and usually find the cutest cases at Anthropologie. This set is no exception! I love that it comes with a matching luggage tag as well. These travel accessories are marked down right now but I’m not sure how long the sale will last.

10. Take Charge Tech Organizer - I came across this tech organizing charger set at Anthropologie a few weeks ago when I was shopping in store. This has two zippered pockets and a convenient handle. You can store your headphones, chargers, and even camera accessories inside. It’s also marked down right now with free shipping on orders over $75.

This gift guide is for anyone who travels whether it’s for work or personal. I always want to be organized, comfortable, and relaxed while traveling. You can hover over the image above to click and shop or find the corresponding number below. This concludes my Christmas gift guide series for 2018 until next year!



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