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Holiday Gift Guide | The Guys

Holiday Gift Guide | The Guys

1. Sweater Fleece Jacket - I love when Austin wears this jacket. It looks great on him and really steps up any outfit. After he bought it last year I went and bought myself the woman’s pullover version. It looks super similar to Patagonia but for half the price!

2. Classic Boxers - I always find myself buying Austin boxers probably because I like to steal them to sleep in (LOL). These are cute and cozy! If you are like me and like to steal your man’s clothes then these would make a great gift for you both.

3. Non Iron Dress Shirt - Austin swears by these dress shirts. His new job requires him to wear button down dress shirts everyday so these are heaven sent. I love them as well because I don’t ever have to get out the steamer or iron! When you take them out of the dryer they come out perfectly and are ready to hang up.

4. Ember Temperature Control Mug - I’m obsessed with this thing. When you purchase you receive the mug, charging coaster, and powder adapter. It allows you to set your precise drinking temperature and it will maintain that for one hour. Now when you walk off and forget about your coffee or tea it won’t be cold!

5. Anker Portable Charger - Having a dead phone with no way to charge it is a nightmare. This handy charger will help prevent that from ever happening. Austin keeps one in his work bag and is able to use it while traveling.

6. Toiletry Kit - I bought this dopp kit for Austin a while back and it has held up great over time. It’s stylish and holds a ton! Great for everyday and travel.

7. Yves Saint Laurent Y Cologne - We purchased this for Austin during the Sephora sale a few weeks ago and it’s DIVINE. I truly can’t put into words how wonderful it smells. We spent well over an hour in store going through different colognes and nothing came close to this.

8. Video Game - This is on Austin’s Christmas list and from what I’ve read online it’s the video game of the year. Available for Xbox & Playstation!

9. Apple AirPods - Austin and I can’t live without these. They are the perfect headphones for working out and everyday life. The case charges the headphones while inside and I find I only have to charge the case every few weeks.

10. Monogram Dress Sock Set - I bought these for Austin a few months back and he loves them. I went with the classic diamond monogram style!

Let me know your thoughts on this edition of my holiday series with a gift guide for the men in your life. You can hover over the image above to click and shop or find the corresponding number below. I’ll be posting another new gift guide tomorrow!



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