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Holiday Gift Guide | The Entertainer

Holiday Gift Guide | The Entertainer

1. Vinglacé Wine Chiller - Perfect gift for a wine lover. They are a Houston built brand led by a husband and wife team which I love to support! This canister was designed to insulate and continuously chill wine and Champagne bottles for hours. It’s great to have when hosting because you don’t have to go in and out of the fridge. I also love to bring it along when we go to someone else’s home to keep a bottle chilled.

2. Cheeky Doormat - I love a sassy doormat. My “Please Hide Packages From Husband” has been a real hit at our house. This one cracks me up and would make a perfect gift for anyone!

3. The Voting Game - Austin and I first played this game at a friend’s New Years Eve party. I remember coming home and ordering it on Amazon that same night. It’s a group game where you anonymously answer, “who’s most likely too…” questions. We bust this game out almost every time we have people over. There is even a NSFW expansion pack!

4. Boston Shaker Set - My husband is a cocktail connoisseur so I know how essential this is to his bartending lineup. This is what professional bartenders use around the world. Use the individual strainer to hold back the ice. I love that this set also includes a Japanese Jigger.

5. Cheese Marker Set - A cheese marker set is essential for any host. You always want your guests to be able to identify what they are eating on the cheese board. Mud Pie makes the best serving & entertaining gifts.

6. Coffee & Espresso Maker - We asked for this last year for Christmas and are so glad we did. I’m not a big coffee drinker but I do enjoy the occasional espresso. Austin loves to drink a coffee or espresso before he works out so this has been wonderful! I store our capsules in this. I drink my espresso out of these cups.

7. Veuve Cliquot Champagne - I don’t think anyone has ever been disappointed by a bottle of Veuve. It’s classic and makes a great gift for all ages. You could even throw this into the mix for Secret Santa. Everyone will fight over it! ;)

8. Ceramic Platter - I love to use this when I’m hosting as an alternative to a more classic serving board. I’ll cut up fruit and arrange it or even use it to serve bread. I also use it to serve cheese for Austin & I when I don’t want to get out my larger cheese boards. Pictured above is the smaller size but there is a larger size available as well.

9. What Do You Meme? Party Game - We played this as a family at Thanksgiving and could not stop laughing. I think this game will be a part of our frequent rotation. I just purchased Expansion Pack 1 & 2 during Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale.

10. Red & White Wine Glasses - I bought these wine glasses at CB2 in Austin at The Domain this summer. Anytime I post them on Instagram stories I get asked where they are from. These glasses will take any dinner party to a new level of sophistication.

Let me know your thoughts on this edition of my holiday series with a gift guide for those who love to entertain. You can hover over the image above to click and shop or find the corresponding number below.



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